“This is Manchester. We do things differently here.” Anthony H Wilson

The saying 'never talk about religion or politics' is often well advised, but given that everyone seems to be talking about little else other than the latter, there's another well known saying that starts 'if you can't beat them...' I've always had a soft spot for Andy Burnham, ever since he backed our 'Creative Wigan' … Continue reading “This is Manchester. We do things differently here.” Anthony H Wilson


Digital Transformation

Last Friday's Business Growth Hub event, held at the excellent Pier Centre named after Wigan's most iconic address just a couple of hundred yards away, focused on digital transformation. Wigan's own Digital Growth Advisor, Jonathan Print, outlined the support provided by both the Growth Hub and Wigan Council for businesses looking to engage with digital. The … Continue reading Digital Transformation

Is your eMarketing Mobile Friendly?

Perceived wisdom (and hard evidence) tells us that increasingly emails are being read on the move. Many sources suggest that around 70% of email traffic is now accessed on a mobile device – a smartphone or tablet. And yet, many marketers are not optimising their eshots for mobile. This inaction can cause extreme dissatisfaction amongst … Continue reading Is your eMarketing Mobile Friendly?