The bread and butter thing

The Bread and Butter Thing is a new charity focused on making life affordable for people in low income households. It’s based on a membership scheme that offers regular food hampers and help and advice with more complicated, bread and butter things such as debt and energy.

Food is sourced from industry surpluses and is offered weekly for collection from community project hubs. The charity seeks to make sure members always have something in their fridge and cupboards. This gives also the chance to talk to members about more complicated issues such as energy and debt. The help and support aims to help out with household bills by finding the best deals, whilst highlighting the inequality of poverty premiums in sectors such as energy and debt.

By partnering with community projects and energy companies The Bread and Butter Thing will support members positively through the switch and help to educate them in the advantages of shopping around for the next deal. Ultimately, The Bread and Butter Thing, is about making life affordable.

The charity founder is Mark Game, former CEO of Company Shop, the UK’s leading food redistribution company. Whilst at Company Shop Mark instigated a new social enterprise initiative named Community Shop which took the business model into disadvantaged areas operating within local shops. Members of Community Shop have access to buy surplus food at low prices – easing pressure on family budgets – but also to mentoring and support within community hubs to improve health and economic outcomes for members and their families. Mark recognized the impact of the initiative and chose to focus all his efforts on social rather than commercial objectives so left Company Shop to start The Bread and Butter Thing.

Bd2 has a long relationship with Mark having worked for him during his tenure at Company Shop and other businesses he’s been involved with. We have also benefitted from his advice as a bd2 shareholder. We were delighted to help him set up the new charity by developing the brand and continue to support him with marketing strategy and collateral. The involvement now includes a hands on role with bd2’s owner Will Bentley accepting a role as one of the charity’s Trustees.


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